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Genuine Parts

We are not cell phone people per se. We are hardware enthusiasts and we love only working with the best technology on the planet. With over 15+ year of experience working with high-end electronics and computers, we perform repairs the "competition" cannot. In the past seven years we have fixed over 60,000 devices and nearly all repairs take 15-20 minutes. We keep every part in stock needed to repair your device and we only use the original genuine parts. We do not concern ourselves with repairing other Smartphones, and because of this, we are truly Mobile's only iPhone Repair Service. We have the highest success rate repairing liquid damaged devices. So when it matters most, call the iPhone Repair Service.

We know it isn't possible but here goes. If you can find a more caring, reliable, knowledgeable, and faster local repair company with the same genuine parts, then I will pay for it personally.